What is Mechanized Mayhem?

Mechanized Mayhem is the name of our upcoming Indie Game that will be based on one of the current Ethereum Non-Fungible Token Standard (More Details to come in future Announcements). Our gameplay features a unique turn based avatar and card mechanic system developed by our team.

Who are we?

Our team is comprised of a group of talented individuals who have worked on massive AAA titles such as FIFA, Gears of War, Anthem, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and many more. We will be releasing more information about us as the project grows closer to completion. That being said, many of us are still under NDA, but we will be updating our Website with proper profiles as we near our Presale date.


Our Avatars are made entirely from Scratch. We Model, Rig, Animate and Texture using all unique assets. We believe this allows us to truly separate ourselves from our competitors who majorly uses purchased asset packs. You will notice the difference in quality as all of our artists have a plethora of experience working in the gaming Industry